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Enrollsy currently supports setting up multiple payers on an account that can pay for portions of the enrollment fees. These payers can be set up on Auto-Pay, or Admin users can charge their payment methods for them.

How Payers and Portions work

  • Admins must set up Payers (meaning Customers cannot set up their Payers).

  • Admins can set up multiple Payers.

  • Payers can have a bank account (ACH) and/or a debit/credit card payment method.

  • Payers have their own "Auto-Pay" setting that has to be turned on and set to the correct payment method.

  • Payers will pay the portion percentage Admins set up for them on ALL invoices (unless they are assigned a specific enrollment).

  • Payers can be "assigned" a specific enrollment (i.e., Summer Camp enrollment). That means they are SOLELY financially responsible for that enrollment (unless they are assigned a portion; then, the primary account will take the remaining portion).

  • You will begin seeing the Payer, their portion, and their balance the next time invoicing runs.

We now have a feature that will allow your customers to grant account access to other people for making payments. Accounts with shared access will be able to set up and control their portions. Learn more about this feature here.

How to set up Payers

You will have to set up Payers on individual Accounts (there is no bulk option). NOTE: The Account must have at least ONE payment method set up to add a Payer.

Follow these steps to set up one or more Payers:

Step 1 - head to the Billing page of an Account and click on the "Additional Payers" icon (as shown below).

add additional payer in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Click the +Add button, then enter the Payer's name and either a Bank account or debit/credit card number (or both).

add additional payer in Enrollsy

Step 3 - At the bottom is the Auto-Pay setting. Choose which payment method to put Auto-Pay on. Be sure to click "Save."

add additional payer in Enrollsy

How to set up Portions

Next, you can set up a specific Enrollment for the Payer and/or a percentage.

Follow these steps to set up an Enrollment:

Step 1 - Click on the Portions tab and the blue plus button. Click on "Enrollment."

add additional payer in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Choose the specific enrollment for which this Payer will be financially responsible.

add additional payer in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you have a Payer set up with a specific Enrollment and NO Portion, they are 100% responsible for paying that particular Enrollment fee. If they have a Portion, say 50%, then the remaining 50% will be the responsibility of the primary account.

Here's how to set up Portions: Click on the Portions tab and the blue plus button. Click "Percent" and enter the correct Percentage the Payer is financially responsible for. Click "Save."

add additional payer in Enrollsy

The following screenshot shows how the Payers and Portions will look after entering the amounts. *If Auto-Pay is on, there will be a note showing Auto-Pay and which payment method.

add additional payer in Enrollsy

You will also know how many additional Payers are on an Account by a small green number beside the "Additional Payers" icon under Auto-Pay settings.

add additional payer in Enrollsy
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