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How to Create and Edit Tags
How to Create and Edit Tags

Use Tags to label Enrollees or Accounts to easily identify them

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What is a Tag?

A Tag is a label on Enrollments that shows up in various places in Enrollsy. Examples of Tags:

Marking Enrollees/Accounts with Tags in Enrollsy

Where Tags Show Up

Admin Portal:

  • The Enrollees table beside each Enrollee

  • Each Enrollee's page under their Enrollments (left side)

  • The Leads page (under Submissions on the left menu bar)

  • The Classes page under each Class and each Enrollee (down arrow on the far right side)

  • The Classes page under Waitlists

  • The Classes page under each Class on the Rosters (accessible by the printer icon)

  • The Reports page under All Rosters

  • The Instructors page (My Company > Users > Instructors) beside each Instructor

Instructor Portal:

Customer Portal (if Admin allows the Tag to be viewable by Account Holders):

  • My Account Page under each Enrollee's pages

How to Create a Tag

If you have access to manage your Tags, you can create and add Tags by following these steps:

Step 1 - Open Tag List

Open the Tags list by clicking the plus sign icon if the Lead or Enrollee has not been tagged already.

Step 2 - Add a New Tag

After opening the tag window, to add a new Tag, click on the blue round plus button at the bottom.

Step 3 - Choose Settings

Next, choose the settings you want the Tag to have:

  • Add the Tag's label

  • Choose who can view the Tag (Admin by default plus the option of adding Instructors and/or Primary Account Holder). See Making a Tag Visible to Others below.

  • Select whether you want that Tag to be shown in the Class Rosters by selecting the box beside "Show in Rosters."

  • Set up any triggers you want. This means that an enrollment/Enrollee will be auto-tagged every time the selected Charge Item is placed on a customer account for that enrollment.

  • Choose the color of the Tag.

Click "Submit" to save the Tag and the settings.

Edit tags in Enrollsy

How to Edit a Tag

‍You can edit available Tags by clicking the Tag and then the pencil icon. Edit any of the settings, then click "Save."

How to Make a Tag Visible to Others

  • Setting the "Who can see this Tag" setting to "Primary Account Holder" will show the Tag to an Account Holder within the Customer Portal on the Accounts page:

  • Setting the "Who can see this Tag" setting to "Instructor" will show the Tag to an Instructor in the Instructor Portal (Classes, Activities, or Check In/Out pages):

    tags as seen in Instructor App in Enrollsy
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