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How to Bulk Update Programs

Enrollsy allows you to update many programs at once

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It's easy to update the settings of multiple programs at once by using the Bulk Update tool on the Programs page. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Select Programs

Select all the Programs you would like to update by clicking the checkboxes on the left side of the Programs. Click the top checkbox to "Select All."

select program in Enrollsy

‍Step 2 - Bulk Update Button

Click the Bulk Update button with the selected Programs, which will open up the Bulk Update view with your selected Programs listed at the top for you to review before applying the updates.

Bulk Update Programs Button
Bulk Update Programs Button

Step 3 - Bulk Update Button States

There is a toggle button next to every setting that lets you choose to opt that setting into being updated for all selected Programs.

When you first click the Enable Editing Button, it will turn yellow. If you leave it yellow when you bulk update, it will clear/erase the setting previously on any of the selected Programs.

Setting to be erased state

If you configure the setting, it will turn green. This means it will update all the selected Programs with that configured setting.

Setting to be updated state

Step 4 - Apply Setting Updates

Apply all the setting updates you would like to make to the selected Programs by

clicking the Bulk Update button at the bottom. Then confirm with the warning dialog that pops up.

bulk update button in Enrollsy
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