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Do you have a convenience fee or a tax? You can configure Enrollsy to charge your customers a flat amount and/or a percentage of the payment amount.

We call this type of thing a "Payment Fee" in Enrollsy. The fee can automatically be attached to each payment from the enrollment form, Customer portal, or Auto-Pay event.

Add a "Convenience Fee" Charge Item

  1. Head to My Company > Items Tab

  2. Click on the blue plus button on the "Charge Items" section

  3. Enter the name (i.e., "Convenience Fee" or whatever you choose to call it)

  4. Check the setting "Card processing fee or tax" under "Type," then click SAVE

    add a convenience fee charge item in Enrollsy

Set the pricing on the new Convenience Fee

Head back to the My Company page. Scroll down to the setting Payment Fees under Payment Settings. Here you will put in your dollar amounts and/or percentages:

payment fees in Enrollsy

‍Make sure to click "Save Settings" when you're done!

Customize Convenience Fee per Account

Convenience Fees can be changed on a Customer account level. Just head to the Billings Tab and change under "Auto-Pay Settings."

change payment fees in customer account in Enrollsy

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