How to Create a Coupon Code

Learn how to create coupons, specials, and/or trial periods to your Programs

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Some companies offer specials or "coupons" for certain programs. You may want to offer an Early Bird Special when signing up for a class or any other kind of special. You can also use Program Discounts and/or Individual Account Discounts.

NOTE: Currently, Coupon Codes are only available in percentages

Enrollsy allows you to attach ONE Coupon Code to any program. Customers can only put in one Coupon Code at a time in Enrollment. However, you CAN do a combo using two discounts at once.

How Coupon Codes Work

The coupon code is a percentage off the total amount due (currently Coupon Codes are only available in percentages). The system automatically divides the total amount due between the payments set up in a Payment Plan. Customers will get that percentage off what’s due at enrollment and on any Payment Plan they choose.

NOTE: If an amount of a coupon code is edited AFTER someone has used it to enroll and they have one or more Payment Plans, you will have to manually edit their individual Payment Plans.

How to Create a Coupon Code

Step 1 - Find the Program

Head to the Programs page and click on the Program editor (pencil icon) beside the Program you want to add a Coupon Code to.

find program to add coupon in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Enroll Form Settings

Scroll down to the Enroll Form (Optional) section. Click on the down arrow beside Coupon Codes, then click the plus button.

add coupon code in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Create Code

Add the information for your Coupon Code, including the following:

  • Coupon Code/Auto-generate Code - Enter your own code or click the icon to auto-generate a code. Usually, this code is short and in all caps.

    add coupon code in Enrollsy
  • Label (optional) - Enter an optional label

  • "Applied" Message (optional) - Enter an optional "applied" message; in other words, a message stating what the Coupon Code applies to.

  • Expiration Date - Enter an expiration date (optional)

    add coupon code message in Enrollsy

  • Discount Item - Choose the Discount Item that goes with your Coupon Code (i.e., Sibling Discount or Current Enrollee Discount). To create a new Discount Item, check out this article.

    discount items in Enrollsy
  • Discount Amount - Here is where you put in the Coupon Code discount amount. You can choose from the following:

    • Discount Every Charge Item

      Percentage off every Charge Item

    • Discount Specific Charge Item(s)

      Percentage off one or more specific Charge Item(s). Choose the charge items to discount from the dropdown list. For example, 50% off the Registration Fee:

Step 4 - Add to Program

After creating the Coupon Code, click the code to add it to the Program. Click Save.

add coupon to program in Enrollsy

Step 5 - Give out Coupon Code

The last step is to actually give out the Coupon Code to your customer to use at enrollment.

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