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Some companies offer specials or "coupons" for certain programs. You may want to offer an Early Bird Special when signing up for a class or any other kind of special. You can also use Program Discounts and/or Individual Account Discounts.

Enrollsy allows you to attach ONE Coupon Code to any program. Customers can only put in one Coupon Code at a time in Enrollment. However, you CAN do a combo using two discounts at once.

Step 1 - Find the Program

Head to the Programs page and click on the Program editor (pencil icon) beside the Program you want to add a Coupon to.

find program to add coupon in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Enroll Form Settings

Scroll down to the Enroll Form (Optional) section. Click on the down arrow beside Coupon Codes, then click the plus button.

add coupon code in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Create Coupon Code

Add the information for your Coupon Code, including the following:

  • Coupon Code/Auto-generate Code - Enter your own code or click the icon to auto-generate a code

    add coupon code in Enrollsy
  • Name (optional) - Enter an optional name

  • "Applied" Message (optional) - Enter an optional message

  • Expiration Date - Enter an expiration date (optional)

    add coupon code message in Enrollsy

  • Discount Item - Choose the Discount Item that goes with your Coupon Code (i.e., Sibling Discount or Current Enrollee Discount). To create a new Discount Item, check out this article.

    discount items in Enrollsy
  • Discount Amount - Here is where you put in the Coupon Code discount amount. You can choose from the following:

    • Discount Every Charge Item

      Percentage or dollar amount off every Charge Item

    • Discount Specific Charge Item(s)

      Percentage or dollar amount off one or more specific Charge Item(s). For example, 50% off the Registration Fee:

Step 4 - Add to Program

After creating the Coupon Code, click the code to add it to the Program. Click Save.

add coupon to program in Enrollsy

Step 5 - Give out Coupon Code

The last step is to actually give out the Coupon Code to your customer to use at enrollment.

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