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To issue a NON-ELECTRONIC Refund (that is, for a cash or paper check payment), follow these steps. NOTE: Click here for credit card/debit card or ACH refunds.

Post Transaction

Go to one of the following places to post a Transaction:

  • In the person's Account under the Billing tab. Scroll down to Transaction History and click the plus button (to the far right).

  • Transactions on the Menu bar

  • Invoices on the Menu bar, then Details beside the Invoice

Post Refund

Search for the Account at the top (if you did not click Post Transaction within an Account). Then click "Post refund."

post cash or check refund in Enrollsy

Scroll down and enter the total of the refund. Then choose whether it is a cash or a check refund (you will be refunding the person in cash or with a company check).

choose cash or check refund in Enrollsy

Click "Post," and you're done!

NOTE: If you refund a Customer this way, you will have to send them a paper business check (Enrollsy does NOT send checks).

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