How to Add a Class Description

Class Descriptions are optional, but can describe your class in more detail

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Class descriptions are visible to your customers in the following places:

  • Customer Portal/App

  • Enroll Form (if your Programs allow for "Class selection").

  • In the Enrollment Confirmation emails.

Create a Class Description

Step 1 - Class Editor

Head to the Classes page and click on the name of the Class you want to add a Class Description to. On the far right will be a pencil icon where you can edit the Class:

edit classes in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Add Description

The editing screen will pop up. Just scroll down and check the box next to Add Class description as shown below:

add class description in Enrollsy
  • Adding Words

    You can add a description of your Class, a list of materials, or anything else your students need to know. You can also format the wording any way you want. Here is an example:

    add words to your class description in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Add Images, Videos, Etc.

You can also add an image, a video, or a table. To add an image, click on the image icon within the Advanced settings.

NOTE: Your image will have to be hosted somewhere for you to add it (Enrollsy does not host images, so you are not allowed to download images). This can be in Google Photos (not Google Docs).

You can also host your image on your website through your web host or a free source, such as Image Shack. Just be sure to use the direct link. For videos, you can use the link or embed code.โ€

add images and videos in Class Description in Enrollsy

Open the image and right-click. Click "Copy Image Address" and paste it into the "Source" box. A size should pop up under "width" and "height." Adjust this to fit the space. (NOTE: If the size does not show up, the source is incorrect.)

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