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How to Send Out the Enroll Form
How to Send Out the Enroll Form

Ways to deliver your Enroll Form to your Customers via links

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You've just completed your setup of Enrollsy and published your custom Enroll Form. Now what? How do people get to it? You might be looking for some verbiage you can use to send out an email to all of your existing and prospective customers so that they can get enrolled. In this article, we'll do our best to help you out.

Enroll Form Links

Enroll links are available to copy in various places throughout the app. You can click these links to copy them to your clipboard and then paste them into an email, a text message, or a button on your website.

NOTE: You'll notice that links from the Company tab are shortened so you can use them more efficiently in text messages.

General Enroll Link

The general Enroll Link (found on the My Company page):

enroll form link in Enrollsy

Program Enroll Link

The Program Enroll Link on the Classes page:

program enroll link in Enrollsy

Private Enroll Link

The private Enroll Link, either on the Programs page or Classes page:

private links in Enrollsy
classes page enroll link in Enrollsy

Classes Page Private Link

Add Enrollsy to Your Website

To add one of these links to a button on your website, simply:

  1. Open your website editor (or the HTML file of the page you want to add it to)

  2. Add/select the button you want to use and paste the link into the anchor tag.

See this article for how to use the embedded Enroll Form on your website.

Email Links

Here is some sample verbiage you can use:

Dear [Customer Name],

We've recently transitioned to a new software platform called Enrollsy. Enrollsy allows you to enroll, sign documents, make payments, and stay connected with us in various ways, all from the convenience of your device. We kindly ask that you visit this URL [Enroll link goes here] to enroll and provide the information we need to provide our services.

If you have already paid for your enrollment, you can use this coupon code [Coupon code goes here] to skip the payment section.

When you enroll, you will be required to create a password so that you can access your account from now on. Please let us know if you need any assistance.


[Your Name]

See this support article for more Customer Email Templates.

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