Please follow these steps if it is your first time logging in as an Instructor:

Step 1

Go to, it will send you to our login screen.

Step 2

Set your password by first clicking the link that says Forgot password?

set up password for instructor or teacher Enrollsy app

Forgot Password Link

Step 3

Enter the email that was used to create your admin login, then click Continue.

Enrollsy account email login

Forgot Password Form

Step 4

Go to your email account where you sent the password reset email, and click the link in the password reset email, and reset your password.

Step 5

Go back to and now log in with your email/password.

Step 6

It will now ask you to set up a 2-factor authentication method, the recommended method is using the Auth0 Guardian App:

2-step authentication

Set up 2-Factor Authentication

If you click 'Try another method' it will let you choose using the Google Authenticator app (iOS or Android) or by using text messages (SMS):

Other authentication methods in Enrollsy

Other 2-Factor Methods

Step 7

If you chose the recommended Guardian App method, you will press Continue and then be presented with a QR code that it wants you to scan using the Guardian App.

secure Enrollsy account

Guardian App QR Code

Step 8

After clicking continue to get all the way logged in, log out in the top right of Enrollsy, and log in again to test the 2-Factor authentication was set up correctly. After attempting to sign in again, you should see the screen below. You should also receive a push notification from the Guardian App as long as you allowed notifications from it, where you'll click Allow, and it will automatically sign you in.

(Make sure to click the checkbox 'Remember this device for 30 days, so you won't have to perform this step for another month)

verify identity on Enrollsy app

Trouble Logging In? Use the resources here to troubleshoot.

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