About Enrollment Periods
Find out how to publish Enrollment Periods and how your setup affects them
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Do you require more than one enrollment Period?

If you have year-round Open Enrollment, you can get away with having just one Enrollment Period. However, it may be beneficial for you to make a different Enrollment Period per year because it will make it easier for you to keep track of separate yearly enrollments.

How start and end dates affect Enrollment Periods

If you have start and end dates for programs or classes and need people to enroll in a specific period, semester, cohort, etc., you can create as many Enrollment Periods as you'd like.

NOTE: Programs created in one Enrollment Period are not visible or available within other Enrollment Periods.

Enrollment periods in Enrollsy

Enrollment Period Options

You need to be aware of a few options when using the Enrollment Period widget.

Enrollsy Enrollment Period Widget

Each of these options is explained below:

  1. Duplicate - This duplicates all settings, including pricing, fees, coupon codes, billing schedules, start/end dates, proration settings, etc., into a new Enrollment period that you can then rename. This allows you to quickly and easily create a new "school year" without remembering how you had everything set up. Modify dates, fees, pricing, or anything else that has changed, and you're all set for enrollment.

  2. Archive - Archiving lets you put past Enrollment Periods out of your view. No data from that enrollment period is lost when it is archived. Archived Enrollment periods will not be visible to you or anyone else throughout the app except in the Archived tab, where you can unarchive them at any time.

  3. Edit - Editing an Enrollment Period is simply renaming it.

  4. Publish/unpublish - Unpublished Enrollment Periods are not visible on the enrollment form. By default, newly created or duplicated Enrollment Periods are unpublished. When you are ready for them to be used, publish them.

Publish Enrollment Period

After creating a new enrollment period, click the cog and click the "eye" to publish an enrollment period.

Publishing enrollment periods in Enrollsy

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