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How to Edit Location(s)
How to Edit Location(s)

Learn how to change your Location information

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The first thing a Customer is presented with is your Location. This feature allows you to keep information for different Locations separate and organized.

Single Location

If you have a single Location, there's not much you need to know other than the following:

  • The Location name will be shown in the top right when you are signed in as an Admin

  • The Location will be auto-selected for the customer at enrollment

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple Locations, the Location you have selected at the top may or may not affect the information you see on the page. Here are the pages that Location selection DOES NOT affect:

NOTE: Pay attention to which Location you select moving forward to ensure you are in the correct Location for what you are viewing or editing.

Edit Location Information

You can easily edit the Location name if needed. Click on the currently selected Location/your email address on the upper right-hand side of the screen. A window will appear.

Location name in Enrollsy

Click the cog icon on the right of the Location you are editing. Then click the pencil icon to edit that Location.

Edit location name in Enrollsy

You can edit the following information in the Location window:

  • Location Name

  • Country

  • Time Zone

  • Address and Contact information

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email Address

  • Admin Users

  • Payment Account (if applicable)

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