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How to Add an Activity Form to an Activity
How to Add an Activity Form to an Activity

You can create a form and then attach it to an Activity

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Enrollsy allows you to add an Activity Form to a particular Activity so that Customers can access it on the Customer App. If you haven't yet created an Activity Form, learn how to do that here.

After creating and customizing the Activity Form, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Activities tab

  2. Click on the cog beside the Activity to which you want to add an Activity Form or create a new Activity.

  3. Scroll down to Form Settings and under Attach Form, find your Activity Form from the dropdown list

  4. Click Save, and you're done!


We added an Activity Form with an "Upload Form" field to the Intake Notes Activity. This allows Admin users to upload a Document to that Activity after it is posted to a timeline.

You can create any number of Activity Forms and attach them to specific Activities. Here are more examples of possible Activity Forms:

Where Activity Forms are in the Customer Portal

Activity Forms show up in the Customer Portal under "Activities" in the menu and look similar to this:

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