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How to create a Subsidy or Scholarship
How to create a Subsidy or Scholarship
If your company accepts government waivers or other scholarships, Enrollsy has an easy way to set these up
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Does your business receive government subsidy payments for child care? If so, Enrollsy can help you set these up.

Create a Discount Item

Head over to My Company, then click on the Items tab. Under Discount Items, click the plus button to add an item reflecting your Subsidy Payment.

Add Discount to Account(s)

To add this payment to an account, go to the Enrollee's Billing page. Do the following steps for each of the Enrollees who receive subsidies.

Step 1 - Scroll under "Tuition: Active/Future Enrollments" to the Future Invoices and Payment Plans box. Click on the Edit button.

Step 2 - Under Payments, click the dollar sign beside the Charge Item (i.e., Tuition). Edit the Discount name by clicking the pencil icon.

Step 3 - Add the amount of the Discount and click Save.

add multiple discounts in individual payment plans in Enrollsy

Now, when your Auto-Billing runs, you will see the following:

  • A charge for the total amount of Tuition

  • A line item with credit (in blue) called "Subsidy Payment" (or whatever you named the Discount) for the dollar amount you entered

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