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How to Edit "Enroll [Name] In Another Program" on the Enroll Form
How to Edit "Enroll [Name] In Another Program" on the Enroll Form

Don't like the words at the end of the Enroll Form? Change it!

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At the end of the Enroll Form is a button with the default title: "Enroll [name] in another Program?" This button allows the person enrolling to enroll the same student in another program. It shows up like this on the customer's side;

edit wording on enroll form in Enrollsy

Edit Wording

The wording on this button is customizable so if you want to change this, go to the

Enroll Form. Under Plan Costs, hover over the words, and click the pencil icon that appears. Edit the wording to your preference, then click the green checkmark to save.

editing and saving enroll [name] in another program in Enrollsy

Delete Button

If you want to "delete" this wording, simply click the eye icon to unpublish it and hide it from the Enroll Form

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