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How to Send a QR Code for Enrollment
How to Send a QR Code for Enrollment

Let people scan a QR Code from a letter or an advertisement to access the Enroll Form

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If you need to create a QR code that people can scan to enroll in your Programs or Classes, it's a simple 3-step process:

Step 1 - Copy Link

Copy the link that you want to create the QR Code for. You can either use one from the My Company Page or any Program link.

Copy an enrollment link in Enrollsy

Step 2 - QR Code Generator

Open your browser and go to find a QR Code generator. We like this one. Follow the instructions in the image below:

  • Enter the URL (the copied enrollment link from Step 1)

  • Click the "Convert to Dynamic to Shorten URL" button. Shortening the URL will make your QR Code smaller and easier to scan

  • Change colors, add a logo, and customize the design

  • You can rename your Code by clicking on its title

  • Create folders to organize your QR Codes

  • Click the copy icon to copy the QR Code

Step 3 - Insert QR Code

Insert the QR Code into the document or file you are sending (we recommend scanning it yourself to ensure the right link was copied and pasted).

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