How to Allow Class Cancellation

Do you want to allow Account Holders to be able to cancel their Class from within the portal? Using this setting on the Program, you can!

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There are times when it makes sense for all or some of your Programs to have the ability to allow Account Holders to cancel their Enrollment in that Program at any time.

How to allow Enrollee cancellation as an Admin

Click on the Program Editor (pencil icon next to the Program Name). Click on Advanced on the left menu. The setting shown below will allow Account Holders to cancel the Program or Class within the Customer Portal.

Allow cancellation program setting

How to cancel from the Customer Portal

If you're enrolled in a Program or Class that has cancellation enabled, you will see the prompt below inside the Enrollments section at the BOTTOM of the Home page in the customer portal (web view and app).

After selecting the Click Here link, you will be given a confirmation screen. If you click Confirm, your Enrollment will be canceled.

Any Admin who is subscribed to receiving the Enrollment cancellation emails will receive an email explaining which Enrollee canceled and for which Enrollment.

NOTE: Account Holders/Customers CANNOT cancel a Class on the same day! Classes can only be canceled one or more days in advance.

What happens when a Class is canceled

  1. If the Enrollment has only ONE Class associated with it, it will deactivate the whole Enrollment

  2. If the Enrollment has more than one Class associated with it, and ONE Class is canceled, it removes JUST that Class from the Enrollment.

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