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How to Move a Field in the Enroll Form
How to Move a Field in the Enroll Form

When customizing your Enroll Form, here is how you can reorganize your fields

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When you are building or editing your Enroll Form, you may want to re-arrange your fields. You may also want to nest a field inside another field for organizational purposes or to make that child field conditionally hidden/shown based on the response provided at the parent field.

Moving a Field Up or Down

To move a field, start with the field you are moving. Click the up and down arrow on the left side (see below).

how to move a field in Enrollsy's enroll form

As you can see, we are moving the field "Dosage" in the example above. After clicking that arrow, identify where you want that field to go. Click EITHER the up or down arrow of the field above or below where you want to move it (at this time, you can only move a field within its original section, not from one form section to another).

For example:

moving below a field in Enrollsy

To move the "Dosage" field below the "Reasons for medication" field, click the down arrow on that field, and the "Dosage" field will move below that field.

If you make a mistake and click the wrong field to move, click the circle to cancel:

cancel moving a field in Enrollsy

Moving a Field into Children (under Parent field)

To nest a field inside another, called Conditional Logic, click on the long arrow (see below).

moving an enroll form field into children in Enrollsy

This converts the field from an independent element into a child field within the parent field so that you can add a condition (for example, only show the child field if the Enrollee answers yes to the parent question).

conditional logic in Enrollsy

If you need further instructions on how to customize your Enroll Form, see this article.

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