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About Class Capacity (Percentage of Classes Filled Up)
About Class Capacity (Percentage of Classes Filled Up)

Enrollsy provides quick visuals for both Program and Class Capacities as well as your company as a whole

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Capacity is the maximum amount that something can contain. Your Programs and Classes can have a maximum Capacity. Enrollsy makes it super easy to see these Capacities at a glance. Here's how:

Choose Location

Head to your Dashboard and click on the Capacities tab. On the left side, you will see Capacities by Location. If you have more than one Location, you can use the Location selector in the top right of the application to see the Capacities for each of your Programs and Classes in each Location.

Capacities in Enrollsy

Choose Enrollment Period

Capacities are organized by Location first, then by Enrollment Period. If you have more than one Enrollment Period, whichever one you have checked will be the one Capacities are shown for. Just check the Enrollment Period you want to see.

Capacities in Enrollsy

Percentages by Day

You'll see a blue box with a percentage in the middle of the page. This is the current percentage of Capacity for all Programs at that Location. Hovering over the "i" will show you the percentages by day (days Programs run).

percentages by day (Capacities in Enrollsy)

Capacities by Program/Class

You can also see your Capacities by Program or Class by selecting the appropriate tab.

Capacity by program in Enrollsy

In the By Program section, you can see Program Capacities by percentage, and the number of Enrollees enrolled in each Program.

Capacity by program in Enrollsy

In the By Class section, you can see each Classroom's Capacities at a glance.

Capacity by Class in Enrollsy

Click the export icon to export the Capacities by Program or by Class to a spreadsheet.

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