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how to use conditional logic on Enrollsy's enroll form

Conditional Logic rules check to see whether their conditions have been met, resulting in certain questions being shown or hidden from view. On the Enroll Form, this includes adding additional questions under Yes/No, Single or Multi Select, or a block of questions based on a person’s answer. In the Enrollsy world, this is called conditional logic, and it’s simple to do.

Nesting Conditional Field

To create a conditional field, you must first "nest" it inside the question it relates to. To nest a field inside another, follow these steps:

  1. Click the up/down arrow on the left side of the field label.

  2. Then, choose the field you want to nest it inside of by clicking the arrow on the right (when you hover over it, you'll see "Move into children").

    moving into children field in Enrollsy

    This converts the field from an independent element into a child field within the parent field so that you can add a condition (for example, only show the child field if the Enrollee answers yes to the parent question).

  3. Once you've done this, you can click the setting/gear icon on the child field, and you will see an option to "Only show if..." (see screenshot below):

child field conditional logic in Enrollsy

Yes/No Questions

Many conditional logic questions are Yes/No questions. See the following information about these types of questions:

  • Once you select the Yes/No Field Setting, your next question will have the Yes/No question at the top, which you will need to check and then mark which answer that question will show up for.

  • In the example above, the next field in the form is "Occupation"; however, whether this displays or not is dependent on the answer to the previous question ("Do you work outside the home?") being answered "Yes."

  • This is the way the customer will see it upon enrollment if the first question is answered with a yes. If the question is answered "No, " the conditional question will not be shown.

  • Be sure to nest "Occupation" under its conditional question, like so:

    Yes and No conditional logic question in Enrollsy

Single or Multi Select Questions

Another way conditional logic is used is for single or multi-select questions. If one of your options is "Other," then you can make a conditional question if the person marks "Other" as their answer, such as "Please describe" or "Explain."

In the following example, the next question is "Please specify," which only comes up if the previous question ("Marital Status") is answered with "Other":

single select conditional logic in Enrollsy

Be sure to nest the second question:

nesting a question in Enrollsy

This is how the customer will see that question:

conditional formatting in Enrollsy

Block of Questions

Another way you can use conditional logic is with blocks of questions, such as emergency contacts. You may have the following fields: Name, Relation, Phone, and Email. You can add a question labeled "Add Another?" to the end of the first "block." Then duplicate the previous fields and nest them under "Add Another."

block of questions and conditional logic in Enrollsy

Only the first Emergency Contact information on the Enroll Form will show with the question "Add Another." If that question is answered "Yes," then another contact will show, and so on. You can add as many "Add Another" questions as you need.

On the Enroll Form Editor, you can see all your conditional logic questions at a glance as the responses appear in green, red, or blue.

To learn more about how to customize your Enroll Form, have a look at this support article.

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