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How to Create a Charge/Discount Items Report
How to Create a Charge/Discount Items Report

Want to see all your charge items or discounts used in the last week or month? Enrollsy has a report for that!

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Need to see a specific set of Charge Items or Discount Items? Follow these simple steps to create a Report:

Step 1- Report Page

Head to the Reports page and click on Charge/Discount Items.

charge/discount items  in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Select Time Period

Choose the time period (dates) you want to view on the calendar.

Step 3 - Select Charge and/or Discount Items

To see specific Charge Items or Discount Items, select the Item at the top then check the boxes of those items you want to see:

Once you have your list, click on the blue arrow under each item to see more specifics.

Step 4 - Export or Print Report

You can export and/or print this report by selecting the icons to the right.

Printing a Report

When printing, you have these two options:

Transactions List

The Transactions List lists each transaction, along with the following information:

  • TIN/FEIN number (if added)

  • Company name and contact info

  • Time and Date of Report

  • Date Range selected

  • Customer Name (Primary Account Holder)

  • Posted date and time

  • Classification (Company name)

  • Program Name

  • Enrollee Name

  • Type of Transaction (i.e., "Charge")

  • Account

  • Item Name

  • Amount

Here is an example of a Transaction List:

Transactions Summary Report

The Transactions Summary Report summarizes the transactions under each Item Type with the associated amounts within the date range chosen. Here is an example of a Transaction Summary Report:

Exporting a Report

When exporting a Report, the following information can be sorted and filtered on the spreadsheet:

  • Amount

  • Last 4 digits of Credit Card (if applicable)

  • Transaction Type (i.e., "Charge," "Credit Card," etc.)

  • Posted date

  • Private comment

  • Invoice Memo (includes Coupon Codes)

  • ACH status (i.e., "Pending," etc.)

  • Item (Charge Item or Discount Item name)

  • Classification (company name)

  • Account email address

  • Account Name (Primary Account Holder)

  • Enrollee Name

  • Program Name

  • First 10 Classes

  • Location

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice Class name (if the Invoice is for a specific Class)

  • Invoice Enrollee name (if the Invoice is for a specific Enrollee)

  • Invoice Class location (if the Invoice is for a specific Location)

  • Invoice Program (if the Invoice is for a specific Program)

  • Program Options (i.e, "Program Name," "Age Group," etc.)

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