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How to create a Charge/Discount Items Report
How to create a Charge/Discount Items Report
Want to see all your discounts used in the last week or month? Enrollsy has a report for that!
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Need to see a specific set of Charge Items or Discount Items? Follow these simple steps to create a Report:

  1. Head to the Reports page and click on Charge/Discount Items.

    charge/discount items  in Enrollsy
  2. Choose the time period (dates) you want to view on the calendar.

  3. To see particular charge items, under Charge Items, check the boxes of those items you want to see:

    select charge items to view  in Enrollsy
  4. If you want to see specific Discounts, check the discounts you want under Discounts:

    select discounts to view  in Enrollsy
  5. Once you have your list, click on the blue arrow under each item to see more specifics:

    report on discounts and charge items  in Enrollsy
  6. You can also export and/or print this report.

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