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How to View all Class Lists for a Selected Enrollment Period
How to View all Class Lists for a Selected Enrollment Period

Enrollsy provides a comprehensive report with contact information for all Classes

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Follow these steps to view all Class Lists for any Enrollment Period:

Step 1 - Reports

Head to the Reports page and then to All Class Lists:

all class lists in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Select Enrollment Period

Select your correct Enrollment Period and the Report will populate. The Report lists each Class and Enrollees along with the following:

  • Class name

  • Class time

  • Instructor name

  • Number of Enrollees (listed under "Count")

  • Class capacity

The report includes the following information under each Enrollee:

  • Enrollee's name, gender, birth date, and age (Gender, birthdate, and age will only be visible if you are using Enrollsy's default fields of gender and birthdate, which is used to calculate age)

  • Account Holders' names, phone numbers, street addresses, and email addresses

Step 3 - Print Report

This report can be printed out or as a PDF by selecting the Print button:

Class list or roster in Enrollsy

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