How to Print a Meal Attendance Sheet

With Enrollsy, you can print or download meal attendance for use with your food program

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The meal attendance allows you to track the following:

  • Breakfast (B)

  • AM Snack (A)

  • Lunch (L)

  • PM Snack (P)

There are two ways to download or print your classroom meal attendance.


Go to the Reports page, click on "Meal Attendance" then choose the Enrollment Period:

A blank attendance form for all Classes within that Enrollment Period will populate. The Meal Attendance includes the following information:

  • Class Name

  • Class Instructor

  • # of Enrollees ("Count")

  • Class Capacity

  • Class Location

  • Date and time the list is printed

  • Enrollee name

  • Days the Class meets

  • Blanks for Attendance

  • Blanks for each meal

  • Signature blanks and date signed

  • Office-Use only columns

Here is an example of what this might look like:

Print Sheet

Choose one of the following options to print the Meal Attendance sheet:

  • Print This Week

  • Print Next Week

Here is an example printed Meal Attendance Sheet:

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