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Assigning & Moving Enrollees
How to View & Assign Unassigned Enrollees (Not in a Class)
How to View & Assign Unassigned Enrollees (Not in a Class)

Learn how to view, add, remove, assign, and re-enroll Enrollees who are not assigned to a Class

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Viewing Unassigned Enrollees

To view any Unassigned Enrollees, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Check Enrollment Periods

Go to the Classes page (left menu). In the top left of the Classes page, you will see a dropdown menu of your Enrollment Period(s). The current selection determines which Programs are visible. There will be a red circle with a number if there are any Unassigned Enrollees in that Enrollment Period. The number represents how many Unassigned Enrollees are in that Enrollment Period.

unassigned enrollees in an enrollment period in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Check Programs

After choosing the correct Enrollment Period, when you click on a Program, the Classes within that Program are displayed on the right.

  • No Unassigned Enrollees

    If there are NO Unassigned Enrollees, the blue circle with the white arrow and the blue arrow next to the word Unassigned will both be pointing to the right. This means the Unassigned section is collapsed or not visible. You can click either of the arrows to open it. See below for these arrows:

    viewing unassigned enrollees in Enrollsy
  • Unassigned Enrollees

    If there is at least one Unassigned Enrollee in a Program, you’ll notice a red circle over the word Unassigned with the number of Unassigned Enrollees in it. You will also notice the blue circle with the white arrow will turn red.

unassigned enrollees in Enrollsy

Step 3- Open Unassigned List

Click on the (now) red circle with a white arrow to open the Unassigned List.

selecting unassigned enrollees in Enrollsy

Add Enrollees to the Unassigned List

To add an Enrollee to the Unassigned List, click the Add button. Search by first or last name in the search bar.

When you click on the correct Enrollee's name, they will be added to Unassigned. Then you can assign them to a Class or re-enroll them in a different Program (see below).

add enrollee to unassigned list in Enrollsy

Remove Enrollees from the Unassigned List

Remove an Enrollee from the Unassigned List by checking the box beside the Enrollee's name and selecting the Remove button. Here you can choose whether to Deactivate or Deactivate & Delete the selected ENROLLMENT.

removing an unassigned enrollee in Enrollsy
  • Deactivating an Enrollment will:

    1. Remove the Enrollee enrolled from their Class assignment

    2. Turn off Auto-Billing for that Enrollment

    3. Make the Enrollment INACTIVE, and to view it, you will need to show Inactive Accounts, which can be done on the Enrollee page under each of the three tabs (Table, Activity, and Documents).

  • Deactivating AND Deleting an Enrollment will do all the above AND delete the Enrollment permanently. IT WILL NOT delete the Account or the Enrollee!

Assign Enrollees to a Class (in the same Program)

To assign the Enrollee to a Class within the same Program, click the checkbox in the row by their name and then the Assign button.

assign enrollee to a class in Enrollsy

Choose the Class to assign them to in the list (this is ONLY for Classes within that Program).

Re-enroll Enrollees to a different Program

To re-enroll the Enrollee to a different Program, click the checkbox in the row by their name and then the Re-enroll button.

re-enroll an enrollee in Enrollsy

A window will open where you can select the new Enrollment Period and/or Program. Click Save Changes, then go to the new Program's Unassigned section to assign the Enrollee(s) to a Class.

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