Customers who enroll in a Program or Class with a required fee through the Enrollsy App or a public or private link will eventually reach a payment step.

Depending on the merchant account you have opted for, Customers can pay by Electronic Check (ACH) or Credit/Debit Card. Or you can enable a Pay Later option.

ACH View:

credit card/debit card view of payment at enrollment in Enrollsy

Credit/Debit Card View:

 credit card and debit card view of payment at enrollment in Enrollsy

For Programs and Classes with a required fee, Customers will not be able to complete their enrollment until they have selected one of the options you allow for.

For a Customer to skip payment upon enrollment, they will need to use a Coupon Code or have an Admin enroll them as a signed-in user.

Check out this article to learn how to enroll someone as an Admin.

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