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About Enroll Form Field Elements
About Enroll Form Field Elements

Understand Fields in Enrollsy's fully customizable Enroll Form

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This article will teach you about Field Settings in the Enroll Form Editor. To learn how to customize your Enroll Form, click here.

Field Elements

Under each Field Element are the Field Settings. Most fields are the same, while others have specific fields. We're going to go through each Field Element's Field Settings.


Headers are section words, for example, "Medical Information," that go before a new section. You can use Headers to create visual distinctions that separate and organize groups of related questions.

Label and Field Nickname in Enrollsy

Formatted Content

Use Formatted Content when you want to add a block of text (paragraph or headings) or link. You can also put in numbered or bulleted lists and date & time.

Formatted Content in Enrollsy

Clicking on the ellipsis will show the following menu for formatting your text, adding an image or video, etc.

formatting text in Enrollsy Enroll Form

Short & Long Label Formats

Choose Short label format if your label is under 100 characters. Long label format goes up to 2,000 characters, but it can be used anytime (for example, if the label wraps on mobile at 70 characters, it might be a good idea to make it a Long label format for aesthetics).

Short and Long label Formats in Enrollsy

Here you start seeing some more options that are on most of the Fields:

  • Required - Switch this on if you want this field to be required

  • Max characters- Change this for concise character fields

  • Select icon- You have the option to change the icon. Search at the top to search through thousands of icon images

  • Desktop/Tablet Width- This is how this field looks on a computer or tablet

  • Mobile Width- This is how the field looks on a mobile device

To see how the fields will look on either a computer, tablet or phone, click on the blue Preview button:

Single & Multi Select

Use Single Select if you have a question that requires a single answer. Use Multi Select if you have a question that can have multiple answers. Click on the blue plus sign beside Options to add your options.

A-Z Sort

In this section, you can sort the options listed in alphabetical order.

multi-field element in Enrollsy enroll form

Multi-Field Upload Button

There is also an Upload button in this field where you can upload a CSV document straight into the field. See this article, "How to create a CSV file," for more information.

added a-z sort and upload button in Enrollsy enroll form


Use Yes/No for Yes or No questions (with no other option). If you have a Yes/No question that also needs another option, i.e., "N/A," then use the Single Select Field.


Use these Field Settings for these specific fields. Customers will only be able to put an email in the Email Address field, only a phone number in the Phone Number field, and only a date in the Date field.

Email, phone and date field settings in Enrollsy


Use the Number field if you have something that needs numbers only. This brings up the number pad for the customer, making it easier to put in a number. An example is having a Suite # field.

Use the ID# field if you need to enter an ID number or an automatically generated ID# per enrollment. Switch the toggle at the bottom (see below) to the on position if you need an Auto ID.

suite # and ID # in Enrollsy

File Upload

Use the File Upload field if you need the customer to upload a document to you. For example, say you need a shot record. Add this field, and it will ask the customer to upload the shot record:

file upload in Enrollsy Enroll Form

Other Settings

Other settings Include the following.

  • Making the question not editable by the Primary Account Holder

  • Hiding the question in the Customer Portal and/or Enroll Form

  • Including the question in the Primary Account Holder confirmation email

  • Including the question in the new enrollment admin email

    Other settings in field settings in Enrollsy's enroll form

Learn about additional customizations in “About Enroll Form Customizations.

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