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How to Filter Enrollees on the Enrollee Table
How to Filter Enrollees on the Enrollee Table

The Enrollee Table allows you to sort Enrollees based on a variety of options [UPDATED]

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There are many ways to filter Enrollees/Enrollments. The best way is on the Enrollees Table. Select the Enrollments option at the top to be able to filter.

Show or Hide Columns

Head to the Enrollees (of Student/Child) page and click on the Columns button. This allows you to show or hide certain columns.

You can check fields in the following categories:

  • Enrollment

  • Enrollee

  • Account

  • Account Holder

  • Program Options

The fields checked are the ones that show up in your Enrollee Table.

select labels to filter by in Enrollsy

Reorder Fields

You can also reorder the Fields to your liking in the same window as you show/hide columns. Drag and drop the fields in the order you prefer.

Reorder fields in Enrollsy

Filter By Columns

Once you've chosen which columns appear on your table, you can filter your Enrollees based on those column fields. Click on Filter at the top left of the table.

Filter by columns in Enrollsy

A window showing the columns you selected to show will come up. You can filter Enrollees by entering values in the fields you select. Once you're done filtering, you will see on the Enrollee Table that the Enrollees will now be filtered by the selected field (s). You will see the filter pop up beside the Filter button.

You can click the "Program Name" button to sort further by grouping Programs together. The filter will stay until you click the X to close it.

And/Or Logic

To assist you in finding the data you are searching for we have added the ability to have and/or logic with Tags and multi-select custom fields on the Enrollees Table. This means you can filter the table to only show rows that have ALL of the Tags selected, or you can show the rows that have AT LEAST ONE of the Tags selected.

When you open the filters and select more than one Tag or multi-select value a box will display underneath your selection asking which form of logic you want. The default is 'OR' which is how the filter was working before this change.

The chip displaying the applied filter will also show an icon of what type of logic you selected.

Create a Saved View

To create a Saved View, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Columns button and make sure to Show / Hide and Reorder the data columns for the view you want. Then click Done.

    Hiding, showing, and reordering data in the Enrollees table of Enrollsy

    Please note that you can currently only select up to 30 columns at a time.

  2. Click the Filter button and apply filters to the dataset.

    Applying filters to the Enrollees Table in Enrollsy

    Please note that you can apply filters, columns, or both. Any single modification to the dataset will create a View.

  3. Click the Views button and the Save View button at the bottom of the drawer that slides over. Give your View a name and click Save.

    Naming and saving a View in Enrollsy's Enrollees Table

How to use a Saved View

You can create as many Saved Views as you need. To load a Saved View, click the Views button and select the Saved View you want.

saving a View in Enrollsy's Enrollees Table
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