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How to View & Log Activities in the Instructor Portal
How to View & Log Activities in the Instructor Portal

Learn how to check in/out Enrollees and how to log Activities

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NOTE: Activities can be posted by Instructors, Admins, and Account Holders. The name of the person who logged the Activity and the date and time stamp will be recorded in the Enrollee’s Activity Timeline.

How to Log Activities

The Activities page lets you log Activity to one, some, or all the Enrollees at once. Check the Enrollees you want to log an Activity for, or the "Select all" box at the top, and then choose the Activity type (Enrollees do not have to be present or checked-in for you to log activities to their timelines).

Photo Activity

For example, let's choose the Photo activity. If you’re using the Enrollsy app, the photo option allows you to select from your photo library or take a new photo. Each Activity allows for a note as well.

photo activity in instructor portal in Enrollsy

Unique to Enrollsy Activities

You can also log other types of Activities unique to the Enrollee. These include Health Check, Note, Absent, and Present.

  1. Click the info icon next to their name.

  2. Select Health Check from the Activity picker and then answer the questions.

  3. When you’re done, click post. This view, of course, allows you to see the Enrollee’s timeline.

unique to Enrollsy activities in instructor portal

Custom Activities

You can also create your own custom Activities in Enrollsy! See this support article for steps.

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