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Entering & Exiting Classrooms
Entering & Exiting Classrooms

Instructors can enter and exit classrooms to keep ratios accurate

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Instructors can enter and exit classrooms, which creates a record of their presence in the room. When a teacher has entered a classroom, they count towards the Teacher to Enrollee ratio for that room.

Entering Classroom

Within the Instructor app, head to the Activities page. Select the Class at the top to enter a Classroom and click the green button.

A window like that below will pop up. Click Enter, and you're done!

entering classroom in teacher app in Enrollsy

Exiting Classroom

To exit the Classroom, click on the red button in the Class

Then click on Exit to exit the Classroom:

exiting classroom in teacher app in Enrollsy

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Instructor FAQs

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