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How to Leave a Note on an Invoice or Transaction
How to Leave a Note on an Invoice or Transaction

Enrollsy allows Invoice Memos and Private or Public Comments

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When you post an Invoice or transaction in a Customer's Account, you can leave one of these comments:

  • Public (meaning the customer can view the comment in the Customer Portal)

  • Private (meaning the comment is internal-only viewable by an Admin User)

There are multiple ways to do this:

Add Current Invoice

  • Go to a Customer's Billing page, and click on "Post Transaction" at the top of the page.

  • In the window that pops up, select "Create Invoices." The Account Holder's name will automatically populate.

  • Select the enrollment from the dropdown menu. Then click Next.

  • Enter the Invoice due date. This will be the Auto-Pay date if this account has a payment method on file and their Auto-Pay setting is turned on. NOTE: If you set this to a past date, Auto-Pay will not happen for this invoice. Also, the soonest an Invoice can be due is "tomorrow."

  • You can enter an Invoice number or accept the system-generated Invoice number.

  • Click Next

  • Add Public/Private Comments

    Step 3 is where you can add a public and/or a private comment in the comments section. A public comment can be viewed on the transaction history by the Account Holder(s). A private comment can only be viewed by Admin users. Note that comments can only be 500 characters in length.

  • To continue with the Invoice creations, scroll down and select the appropriate Charge Item from the dropdown list, and enter the amount. Do the same with any Credits.


On the Invoices page, click on "Edit" beside an Invoice.

Within the Invoice, click the three dots on any line item, then on "Edit."

 leave a note on an invoice in Enrollsy

Here you can add a Public or Private Comment:

 leave a note on an invoice in Enrollsy

Post Transactions Window

The Post Transaction Plus Button is the Plus button beside "Invoices" on the left sidebar menu.

Select any of the first four options:

  • Create Invoices

  • Post Credits

  • Collect Payment

A window will open where you can enter a charge, credit, or payment. Step 3 is where you can add a public or private comment to further describe the charge, credit, or payment.

Edit Existing Transaction

You can also edit an existing transaction and add a public or private comment. Follow these steps:

  • Click the three dots on any line item in the Transaction History, then select "Go to Invoice"

  • Once in the Invoice, click the three dots beside the transaction you want to add a comment to then select "Edit"

  • Add a comment then click Save

Viewing Comments

After adding public or private comments, you can easily see them in the Transaction History. Hovering over the private comment makes it more prominent so that it can be easily read.

Hover over comment to make it larger (Enrollsy)

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