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How to Keep Track of Cash and Check Payments with Deposits
How to Keep Track of Cash and Check Payments with Deposits

If you take cash or check payments, Enrollsy lets you keep track of them with Deposits

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If you accept check and/or cash payments, you MAY want to create a deposit in Enrollsy, signifying that the amounts of money have been deposited in your bank account.

About Deposits

The Deposits page keeps track of all your cash and check payments, and you can see the deposits you've made at a glance.

Deposits History in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you use QuickBooks to track your deposits and are syncing Enrollsy with Quickbooks, there is no need to keep track of deposits in Enrollsy.

How to Make a Deposit

Making a Deposit in Enrollsy is simple. You will see a list of undeposited payments on the Deposits page.

Undeposited payments in Enrollsy

Click on the blue Create a Deposit button:

Create a deposit button in Enrollsy

Next, check the payments you want to deposit and then Submit them.

Add a deposit in Enrollsy

Your new deposit will show up in the Deposit History.

Deposit History in Enrollsy

NOTE: You will still have to make a bank deposit using whatever method your company has adopted.

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