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How Real-Time Reservation Works
How Real-Time Reservation Works

Learn how spots can be reserved in real time during Enrollment

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Real-Time Reservation is a setting on your My Company page. To turn this setting on, scroll down to Enroll Form until you see "Enforce enrollment capacities." Check this to prevent enrollment into Programs and Waitlists at full capacity and allow real-time reservation in the Enroll Form.

enforce enrollment capacities in Enrollsy

How Real-Time Reservation Works

In your customized Enroll Form, as your customer makes Program or Class selections, their spot(s) will be saved until they finish and pay. The system gives each Customer 30 minutes to complete enrollment.

If you have purchased a movie theater ticket or a plane seat online, you get an idea of how this works. Families' data and payment is collected on the Enroll Form.

What the Customer Sees

When your customer makes a Program or Class selection, that selection is reserved, meaning the capacity for that Program or Class gets decremented, and a timer begins.

If the customer needs more time at five minutes, they are presented with an option to extend their time. If they fail to complete the reservation in time, their reservation will be released.

Enrollment reservation in Enrollsy

‍‍What Admins See

With Enrollsy, you see completed enrollments pour in without having to do anything. How nice is that?

completed enrollments in Enrollsy

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