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What to Do About a Credit Card Chargeback
What to Do About a Credit Card Chargeback

Steps to take if a credit card payment comes back declined

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A chargeback or payment dispute happens when a cardholder questions a credit or debit card transaction and asks their bank to reverse it. Chargebacks are meant to be a safeguard against fraud for consumers.

See this resource for more about Chargebacks and how to dispute them.

Step 1 - Chargeback Notices


If your merchant account is serviced through EnrollsyPay, chargeback notices will be emailed to you by either the merchant service provider (TillPayments) or by us.


If your merchant account is serviced through CardConnect, you can check for chargebacks in your merchant portal; see the instructions below.

CardConnect Instructions

Log into your merchant processor’s portal (e.g., CardPointe) to find your list of chargebacks. CardPointe login > page

credit card chargeback  in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Dispute Chargeback

To dispute a chargeback, follow the instructions on the back of the Dispute Notification. You must respond by the Chargeback due date (found on the top right of the notification) and provide the following:

  • A full explanation of why the chargeback is invalid and why the original transaction is valid. This explanation can include an itemization, a description of the service, and/or proof the cardholder was billed for separate transactions.

  • Provide a copy of all documentation related to the transaction.

Chargebacks can be reversed if the explanation and documentation are sufficient, but reversals are conditional. The customer's bank may dispute the case through an exception item, such as a pre-arbitration.

It is not recommended that you issue a credit after you have received notification of a dispute because the customer's bank may have applied a conditional credit to the account. If you issue a credit under these circumstances, you may not be able to recover the credit; in fact, you may be responsible for the credit and chargeback.

Step 3 - Record Chargeback

When a chargeback happens and you don't want to dispute it or lose the dispute, you can apply a cash refund to the customer account so Enrollsy reflects what the processor has reported. You will have to do this manually because you won’t get a notification from the processor that a chargeback happens. Only the customer gets notified via email or physical mail.

See this support article to learn how to do a cash refund.

NOTE: We will work on automating this process in the future.

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