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How to Create a Membership
How to Create a Membership

Learn how to add one or more Memberships to your Enrollsy Enroll Form

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About the Membership Feature

A membership is a fee you pay to belong to a particular group. Often they come with benefits and/or discounts. Here is some important information about this feature:

  • The Membership Feature is one that Enrollsy has to unlock for you. Just contact us via chat if you're interested in using this feature. There is no extra cost at this time.

  • To register for a Membership using this feature, the person will have to enroll in a Program. Many clients create a "Membership" Program and Class in conjunction with the Membership feature to get around this.

  • Tags work in conjunction with Memberships. Learn more about Tags.

  • Memberships will show up in the Charge/Discount Items Report if you create a specific Charge Item (i.e., "Membership Fee") and/or Discount Item (i.e., "Member Discount").


Memberships are accessed from the Membership tab on the left side. On this page, begin by clicking the "Add New" button to add a new Membership. At the top, you will put in your Membership name and set the color:

Set Up Renewals

In the following section, enter your Membership price, the renewal frequency, and a Charge Item.

The renewal frequencies available are:

  • Annually

  • Monthly (or every 2 to 6 months)

  • Weekly (or every 2 to 6 weeks)

The Membership will renew on the same date it was purchased.

In our example, this Membership will renew a year from the date it was purchased. If you have a monthly Membership, it will renew on the same date it was purchased a month later (i.e., purchased on the 5th, renews the next 5th).

You can set up a new Charge Item, such as "Membership Fee," if you want the Membership recurring charge to have a specific name.

Click here to learn how to create a new Charge Item.

Membership Benefits

The next section is where the benefits/discounts for this Membership go. These work a lot like Coupons.

  • Discount every Charge Item

    Next, you put in a set percentage for EVERY Charge Item. For example, if your Membership has a 10% discount on every Charge Item (i.e., Registration and Tuition), you would enter 10% under this section.

  • Discount specific Charge Items

    If your Membership discount is for two Charge Items (i.e., Registration and Tuition), you can check this section and enter all the discounts it includes. This section is also a set percentage (NOT a dollar amount).

Sell It!

The next part is where you can describe your Membership and its benefits and/or discounts.

Format your paragraph by clicking the three dots. This allows you to format your text (bold, italics, underline, and color) and include bullet points or number lists. You can also create a table or put in media or images to make your Membership stand out!

formatting description in Enrollsy

Be sure to hit Save to save all your hard work, AND make sure you have published it by hovering over the right side and clicking the eye icon. There you have your first Membership!

Enroll Form

The figure below shows what the Membership looks like on the Enroll Form. If the Enrollee chooses the Membership by clicking it, the cost will be added to the enrollment.

Membership on Enrollsy Enroll Form

Require Membership

You can also require a Membership selection on the Enroll Form by clicking on the cog wheel at the top:

Manage membership settings in Enrollsy

Click the toggle switch to the on position if you want to require a Membership selection at the time of enrollment.

Require membership on Enroll Form in Enrollsy

This will force the Enrollee to select a Membership to finish enrolling. You can see below that the "None" option is removed once you turn on Require Membership.

membership options in Enrollsy
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