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Check-In/Out vs. Present/Absent Activity
Check-In/Out vs. Present/Absent Activity

How does the Check In/Check Out Activity differ from the Present/Absent Activity and which should you use

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There are some significant differences in Check In/Out and Present/Absent in Enrollsy

and how they are used. Here is how the Check-In/Out Activity stacks up against the Present/Absent Activity

Dedicated Check-In/Out Page

Enrollsy has a dedicated Check In/Out page in the Instructor Portal where teachers can quickly check-in/out their students and in the Customer Portal for parents to check in/out their children. Instructors click on In/Out as shown below:

dedicated check in/out page in Enrollsy

Then select either Check In or Check Out, select all students (or those needed), and click the button at the bottom (green Check In button or red Check Out button):

check out activity in Enrollsy

The Present/Absent Activities do not have a dedicated page. To use this activity, Instructors will have to navigate to the Activities page and choose either "Present" or "Absent" from the Activity list:

Visible Checkmarks

When an Instructor or Admin checks in an Enrollee using the Check-In Activity, a visible checkmark appears in two places:

1- Instructor Portal - Each Enrollee info card :

checkmarks signifying check in  in Enrollsy

1- Admin Classes Page - Beside each Enrollee (on the far-left side) who has been checked in:

view who has been check in in Enrollsy

NOTE: The checkmark will stay until the Enrollee is checked out, then it disappears. These checkmarks DO NOT appear when "Present" or "Absent" is used.

Updated Ratios

The Check-In/Out Activity also updates the Class Ratios in real-time. Class Ratios are the ratio of staff to children in a classroom. As Enrollees (Students) are checked in, they turn green on the Ratios page. The Present/Absent Activity does not affect ratios.

ratios page in Enrollsy

Date & Time Stamps

Both of these features document the date and time, along with the Class name. The only difference is there is no "check out" with the "Present" Activity.

Use Cases

Most schools that need students to be checked in will need to use the Check-In/Out Activity. You can use the default Present and Absent Activity if you have Zoom classes and need to mark students as present or absent.

These two Activity types can be accessed from the Activity tab in the Instructor Portal. You can also create your custom Activities. For steps on how to create Activities, see this support article.

check in and out use cases in Enrollsy
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