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How to Give an Account Holder Access
How to Give an Account Holder Access

Enrollsy allows a Secondary Account Holder full access through the app or a browser with their own email and password.

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The Primary Account Holder can grant the Secondary Account Holder access to their Account with the ability to have their own login during or after enrollment.

NOTE: This should only be done if that "someone" is a trusted Secondary Account Holder. We say "trusted" because when enabled, the Secondary Account Holder has FULL access to Enrollsy, including any saved payment methods. They can make changes as well.

Primary Account Holders can give the Secondary Account Holder login access to Enrollsy if the Secondary Account Holder has an email address. This allows the Secondary Account Holder to set up their password with their email address.

Grant access through the Enroll Form

Within the enrollment form, the customer can enable login access if they type in a Secondary Account Holder email address.

How to allow login access to the secondary account holder in Enrollsy

Grant access through the Customer Portal

If the customer wants to enable Secondary Account Holder login access, they can do that from the Customer Portal under the "Account" page.

Allowing login access in the Enrollsy Customer App/Portal

Disable Access

To disable access, the Primary Account Holder can switch the toggle to the off position within the Customer portal under "My Account." Currently, the Primary Account Holder is the only one who can give login access to the Secondary Account Holder AFTER enrollment.

Admins can only give login access at the time of enrollment (if the Admin has an email address and has permission to provide the Secondary Account Holder access).

Admins View who has Access

Admins can see if a Secondary Account Holder has been granted access by clicking Enroll on the menu bar and entering the Primary Account Holder's email address to load that customer. Then you can see if the "Allow Access" has been switched on.

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