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If your customers have emailed you a Required Document to be uploaded to their account, it's easy to do that in Enrollsy!

If you've already created the Required Document and either attached it to the Program Enrollment or added it to the Account, Enrollee, or Enrollment, you can skip to step 4. Otherwise, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Find the Document

Head to the Enrollees page (left sidebar) and click on the Documents tab at the top. You will filter for the Document you are looking for by clicking "Document Finder" on the far right.

Document Finder in Enrollsy

Choose the following:

  • Entity (is your Document at the Account, Enrollee, or Enrollment level?)

  • Document Title (which Document are you needing to upload?)

  • Status (choose "Not Completed")

Document Finder filter in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Name the Filter

Give your filter a name. In this example, we named it the document title and "not completed" (this filter will only show up on your account).

Name document filter in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Upload the Document

Click on the Enrollee's name, and their Document(s )will pop up. All "not completed."

Documents will be in red and say "Not completed" underneath.

Click on the green upload button to upload the Document from your computer. (You will need to save the Documents on your computer to upload them).

How to upload a document in Enrollsy

Allow for Uploads Setting

If you don't see a green upload button, your Document may not have a box checked that allows for uploads. Head to the My Company page and the Forms tab to remedy this. Find your Document in the Required Documents list and click on the pencil icon.

documents page in Enrollsy
required documents in Enrollsy

Next, find the checkbox (see below) that says, "Require upload..." and check it. Click Save and go back to the Documents page. Refresh your browser, and the green upload box should appear.

require upload of a form in Enrollsy
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