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How to Set Up a Prerequisite Program
How to Set Up a Prerequisite Program

Need to require a program to be taken previously? Here's how!

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You can make enrollment into one program dependent upon enrollment into a "Prerequisite" program. This means that the Prerequisite program has to be enrolled in or already taken to enroll in the current program.

To create a prerequisite program in Enrollsy, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the "Programs" section in your Enrollsy account.
2. Click on "Create Program" or edit an existing Program.
3. Proceed to the "Enroll Form" section
4. In the "Enroll Form" section, you will find the "Prerequisite Program" option.
5. Select the Program that you want to set as a prerequisite for the current Program you are creating or editing.

add a prerequisite program to a Program in Enrollsy

By setting a prerequisite Program, you ensure that enrollees must have completed the prerequisite Program before they can enroll in the current Program. Make sure to save your changes once you have selected the prerequisite Program.

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