How to Void a Payment

Learn about voiding customer payments (made by Customers or Admins)

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Voiding a payment is available if the credit card or ACH payment was posted on the SAME day. Voiding a transaction is the process of canceling the payment before it batches. Each night all the payments from the day are sent out for processing. Once they are processed, they are deposited into your bank account. If you try to refund a transaction from the current day before the batch goes out, the only option you'll have is to void it. This means that the transaction will never get sent out and processed. It may show as pending on the cardholder's statement that day, but the next day it will be gone completely, and no money will have been moved.

If that batch has been sent out, you will not see void as an option, but will only be able to refund it using the "Refund Payment" option. In this case, the money will leave the customer's account, and then go back in once the refund is processed. Learn how to refund an electronic payment here.

Enrollsy makes it easy to void a payment, but what happens when a payment is voided? First, let's see how to void a payment.

How to Void a Payment

Step 1 - Post Transaction

Click the "Post Transaction" window (which can be accessed by the plus ("+") button to the right of Invoices in the left menu)

Step 2 - Enter Account

Next, enter the accounts by searching for them in the search bar. You can search by Enrollee name, Primary Account Holder name, or Primary Account Holder email address. Select the name for it to be added. Click Next.

Step 3 - Find Invoice

Click Invoice and you will be directed to a list of Invoices on that Account. Find the Invoice and click "Edit" beside the Invoice to view the transactions on that Invoice.

Step 3b - Customer Billing Page

You can skip steps 1 & 2 above by going to the Customer's Billing page and doing one of the following:

  1. Click "Manage" beside "Paid Invoices" then find the Invoice and click "Edit" beside the Invoice to view the transactions and find the payment to void.

  2. Click the three dots beside the payment in the Transaction History (skip to Step 4)

Step 4 - Void Payment

After finding the payment to void, click the three dots beside it, then "Void Payment."

Click "Confirm" to confirm the void. (You will see an error message if the time window to void the payment has expired).

**NOTE: Pressing the void payment button doesn't guarantee it will go through. If the payment has already been batched and accepted by the bank, the void request will be declined. You will have to wait until the transaction is settled and refund it. If it declines, you will be notified with the red error message at the bottom of the screen.

What Happens When a Payment is Voided:

  • If it's an ACH payment, the Customer will not see it come out of their bank account.

  • If it is a Credit Card payment, the amount was already authorized, so the credit card company will hold that amount for between 1-3 business days.

  • If the Customer logs in to their credit card account, they will see the authorization in the "pending" section.

  • If the payment is successfully voided, it will not settle. In other words, it will eventually disappear from the pending section.

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