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Did you or a Customer pay or charge the wrong amount? Voiding a payment is available if the credit card or ACH payment was posted the same day. Voiding will prevent the payment from funding.

If Voiding is unavailable or unsuccessful, you will have to wait until the "Refund Payment" option appears. Learn how to refund an electronic payment here.

Enrollsy makes it easy to void a payment, but what happens when a payment is voided? First, let's see how to void a payment.

How to Void a Payment

  1. First, go to the Transaction History section of the Billing Tab of an Account.

  2. Locate the Payment to Void or Refund, then click the vertical dot menu button to the right of the credit card transactions you want to void.

  3. Click "Void Payment"

    voiding a payment in Enrollsy
  4. Click Confirm. (You will see an error message if the time window to void the payment has expired).

NOTE: Pressing the void payment button doesn't guarantee it will go through. If it declines, you will be notified with the red error message at the bottom of the screen.

How to void a payment in Enrollsy

What Happens when I Void a Payment

  • If it's an ACH payment, the Customer will not see it come out of their bank account.

  • If it is a credit card payment, the amount was already authorized, so that the credit card company will hold that amount for between 1-3 business days.

  • If the Customer logs in to their credit card account, they will see the authorization in the "pending" section.

  • If the payment is successfully voided, it will not settle. In other words, it will eventually disappear from the pending section.

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