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How to add or create one or more Invoices
How to add or create one or more Invoices

Learn how to send your customers an invoice on the Billing Page

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The ability to create or add a new Invoice can be found in the following places:

  • The Enrollee's Enrollment Card on the Account Holder's Billing page

  • Invoices "+" Button on left-hand menu

Enrollment Card

On the Customer's Billing page, find the correct enrollment the invoice belongs to. In that "enrollment box," click "+Add Current Invoice."

create current invoice in Enrollsy

Invoices / Plus Button

You can also create an Invoice by using the plus button on the left sidebar beside Invoices.

Then clicking "Create Invoices" from the menu.

Create/Add Invoice

The following are the steps on how to create an Invoice for one or more Accounts:

Step 1 - Search for Account(s)

After selecting one of the above options to create a new Invoice, a new window will open where you can search the Account(s) you want to create an Invoice. You also have the option to create an Invoice for a particular Enrollment under an Account:

After adding all the Accounts, click Next.

Step 2 - Create Invoices

Here you can do the following:

  • Invoice Due Date

    This date will be the Auto-Pay date if the Account has a payment method on file and their Auto-Pay setting is turned on.

NOTE: If the date is set in the past, Auto-Pay will NOT happen.

  • Invoice Number

    Use the auto-generated Invoice number or enter your own

  • Account Credits

    After unpaid Invoices are added to the Accounts, it may take up to 20 minutes for Enrollsy to apply credit balances (from their "Credits History" screen). These credits will apply BEFORE payment is required.

Step 3 - Setup Transaction

Under this section, you can choose to post a Credit along with the Invoice by clicking the box beside "Post Credit."

Enter the following information:

  • Classification (your company name)

  • Public comment (comments here the customer can view)

  • Private comment (comments here are office-only comments)

Either enter the amount in the Total blank OR click on Charge Item to choose the proper fee and enter the amount below it (as shown below):

Next, set up the Credit (optional) as shown:

Click "Post" to post the Invoice(s).

Step 4 - Result Page

The next page will give you the results of the post. If the post works, it will show a green checkmark.

If it doesn't, a red "X" mark will show with an error message.

Export or Print the Invoice

Click "Create" to complete the Invoice. This will take you to a new window that will show the invoice. Here you can either export or print the invoice.

add current invoice in Enrollsy

View the Invoice

The new invoice will now be viewable in the "enrollment box" under the Current tab:

add current invoice in Enrollsy

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