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How to Print Multiple Documents
How to Print Multiple Documents

Read this article to find the fastest way to print E-signature Documents

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We know many of you need to print out certain E-signature and Required Documents. In Enrollsy, when you click on a Document, it is downloaded onto your computer (in other words, it won't open up in a browser).

If you have many Documents to print (say 100 or more), the easiest and fastest way to print multiple Documents at one time, WITHOUT opening them, is outlined in the five steps below.

Step 1 - Download Documents

To download a Document, head over to the Document tab on the Enrollee page (you may call this page "Students" or "Children"). Find the Documents you wish to print. Take a look at this article to find out which Documents are completed.

Click on the Document name to download the signed Document.

download signed document in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Save Documents to Folder

Save the Documents to a folder on your computer (name the folder something pertaining to the Documents you're downloading, i.e., "Enrollment Packets").

As of the writing of this article, you can only download Documents one at a time. However, once you save them all (put them in the same folder described above), you can print them all at once. Keep reading!

Step 3 - Merge Documents

Once you have all the Documents downloaded, use PDF combiner software (an example is, which allows unlimited PDF documents). Using PDF Chef as an example, clicking on "Merge PDF" will enable you to merge all the Documents into one.

Drop/upload all the downloaded PDF Documents from Enrollsy. Click "Save and download" to download the merged Documents to your computer.

DISCLAIMER: From the PDFChef website: The entire process of joining PDF files happens on the client side (directly in your browser), which means no third parties can access your data. If you are concerned with security, please be sure to do your research on a software program before using it.

Step 4 - Print Document

Open up the one merged Document and print. In order to print a handful of Documents in either Windows or Mac, the following articles may help:

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