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How Admins and Instructors can Text Other Admins or Instructors
How Admins and Instructors can Text Other Admins or Instructors

Learn how Admins text Instructors and a work-around, so Instructors can text Admins

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Important Information about Text Messaging

  • Text messaging is 100% transparent within Enrollsy. That means that all messages sent, regardless of what type of user sends them, are visible to those entities in the message history on the account.

  • These are the types of users who can send & receive text messages:

    • An Admin with any range of permissions

    • An Instructor or

    • A Customer/Account Holder

  • When a new Customer text message is received, the notification of a new unread message will be displayed for both the Admin and Instructor. The action of one of them marking the message as read does not mark it as read for the other. This ensures everyone can be in the loop on all text communications.

As of the writing of this article, only Admins can text Instructors as a one-way announcement feature. In the future, we may have a feature where this becomes a two-way conversation. Meanwhile, there is a workaround if you need two-way communication between Admins and Instructors (see Workaround for Two-Way Conversation below).

How to Send Text Messages to Instructors

Admins can text all or some Instructors by accessing the My Company page > Users > Instructors.

Click on the Instructors you want to text, then click the SMS icon. A new window will pop up to the right with the names of the Instructors. This is where you can type your message.

text message instructors in Enrollsy

How to See Text Messages Sent to Instructors

The only way to see text messages sent to Instructors would be to add yourself (an Admin) as an Instructor. Then, when you send a message to all your Instructors, you will be on the list and can reference your device to see a message history.

You can use the same email address as an Instructor that you are using as an Admin. Learn how to add Instructors in this support article.

NOTE: Instructors receive SMS messages directly on their cell phones.

Workaround for Two-Way Conversation

The following steps require creating a Program and Class for Admins and/or Instructors, as well as Admins creating a Customer Account with themselves as an Enrollee. Instructors can then text Admins through the Instructor App.

Step 1 - Create a Program

An Admin can create a Program in the Program Options named “Admin” or “Admin-Instructors” (something like that).

program option Admin Program in Enrollsy

Create the new Program with just the required Program Options. Yours will be different, but in the example below, our Program Options are Program Name, Schedule, Time, and Location. Choose the Admin Program name you just created, along with any other Program Options.

admin program to communicate with instructors in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Create Class

Create a Class within the Admin Program with the same name. Include ALL your Instructors (or all who need to send and receive text messages). Also, include the Capacity (the number of Instructors) and click Save.

create Admin class within Admin Program in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Create a Customer Account

Create a Customer Account just as you would a regular customer. Click here to learn how to create a customer account. Keep in mind these tips when creating your Account:

  • You can use the same email address you use as an Admin User.

  • Only include the required information (usually name, email address, and possibly phone number(s)).

  • “Enroll” each Admin as an Enrollee (i.e., Student, Child, or whatever you have named this role).

  • NOTE: You can log in either in the Customer App (download the Enrollsy App in Google Play Store or Apple App Store) OR your company’s Account Link (located on the My Company page).

Step 4 - Instructors text through the App

Instructors can now text Admin(s) through the Instructor App, like they would a Customer, by clicking on the new Admin/Instructor Program. Select Admin and click the chat bubble to send a message.

Instructor texting Admin through Enrollsy Instructor App

NOTE: Admins will receive texts in their phone’s messenger app AND in Enrollsy within their “Customer” Account (logged in on the Admin side and going to their Account).

instructor text message in Enrollsy

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