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How to Print a Check-In/Out Report
How to Print a Check-In/Out Report

Use the Activity Report to download or print Enrollee's attendance

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Easily print out a Check-In/Out Report using either the Check-In/Check-Out Activities or Present/Absent. Following the steps below.

Step 1 - Reports Page

Head to Reports > Activities.

Step 2 - Filter

Click Filter to filter in the following ways:

  • Context (Enrollee, Instructor, or Class)

  • Activity (Check In, Check Out)

  • Start & End Dates

  • Posted by (Admin, Instructor, Primary Account Holder)

  • Program Name

  • Class Name

After choosing Filters and clicking Apply.

Step 3 - Filter/Sort

To further filter by Enrollee name, use the search bar at the top.

To sort the activities, click on the column title, such as "Enrollee."

Step 4 - Download or Print

Select either the download icon to download the Report or the print icon to print the Report.

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