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How to Print a Check-In/Out Report
How to Print a Check-In/Out Report

Use the Activity Report to download or print Enrollee's attendance

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Easily print out a Check-In/Out Report using either the Check-In/Check-Out Activities or Present/Absent. Following the steps below.

Step 1 - Reports Page

Head to Reports > Activities.

Step 2 - Filter

Click Filter to filter in the following ways:

  • Context (Enrollee, Instructor, or Class)

  • Activity (Check In, Check Out)

  • Start & End Dates

  • Posted by (Admin, Instructor, Primary Account Holder)

  • Program Name

  • Class Name

After choosing Filters and clicking Apply.

Step 3 - Filter/Sort

For each Check Out and Check In Activity, you can see the duration in minutes and seconds.

To further filter by Enrollee name, use the search bar at the top.

To sort the activities, click on the column title, such as "Enrollee."

Step 4 - Download or Print

Select either the download icon to download the Report or the print icon to print the Report.

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