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How an Admin User can Email Account Holders
How an Admin User can Email Account Holders

Learn how and where to copy Customer emails

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Currently, Enrollsy only allows copying Primary and Secondary Account Holder's email addresses to paste into your email program (E.g., Gmail, Outlook, etc.). Here's how.

Pages to copy select Emails

The following pages are where you can copy emails:

  • Reports - The email address copy button is available on these two reports: A/R Aging and A/R Payments.

  • Marketing - Lead summary page

  • Enrollees - Table page and Document page

  • Classes - Individual Classes (as shown below)

    copy emails in Class in Enrollsy

  • Memberships - List of members in all Membership Programs

  • Account Page - You can also copy the email address straight from a Customer's Account page:

    copy email address in Enrollsy on customer account page

How to Copy Emails

Within Enrollsy, there are many ways to copy email addresses. On the following pages, you will see an envelope icon where you can copy select emails to your clipboard (and paste them into your email provider).

copy emails icon in Enrollsy

When you click that icon, you get two options:

  1. Account Email Only - Primary Account Holder emails only

  2. Both Emails - Primary and Secondary Account Holder emails

emailing account holders in Enrollsy

Once you click one of those two options, all the email addresses of those you previously checked will be copied.

How to Paste Emails

Open your email program, such as Gmail or Outlook, and paste those email addresses into the BCC field and your email in the TO field to send an email WITHOUT all the email addresses being visible to everyone.

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