How to Create a Series Class

Learn to create a Class that meets on various dates with Enrollees only choosing one

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Enrollsy allows you to create unique Classes that meet once on multiple dates, called a Series. A good use-case for a "Class Series" is if you have four different dates for a class that starts at 7:00 p.m. each day. Your Enrollees have to choose which of the four dates to attend.

NOTE: Series Classes can ONLY be used on the Classes Enrollment Model (NOT on Simple or Days per Week)

A Class that meets four days where Enrollees are expected to attend EACH Class would NOT use the Series type of Class.

Series Classes are divided automatically by "Current" and "Past" depending on the dates:

Create a Series Class

To create a Series Class, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Classes page (this may be called something else if you've customized it).

  2. Select the Program on the left to which you want to add a Class

  3. Click the "Add Class" button on the right. When you do, a little drawer will open up on the right side.

  4. Enter the details of the Class, including the class Name, Instructor(s), Capacity, and more.

    create a class in a series in Enrollsy
  5. Click "Set days/dates when this Class occurs" and choose "Pick dates (doesn't recur)."

  6. Next, select "Series," then choose the dates your Class will meet by clicking on the calendar icon.

  7. After selecting the dates, click Done.

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