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How Admin Users Can Text Customers

Both Primary and Secondary Account Holders can receive and send messages

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Admins and Instructors now have the option to text one or both Account Holders in a variety of places:

Billing/Account Pages (Admin View)

Admin Users can text individual Account Holders from the Billing or Account page. Click the SMS button on the upper-right side:

new SMS button on billing and account pages in Enrollsy

A window will pop up. You can open the Primary Account Holder or Secondary Account Holder SMS conversation here. Or you can send a new text to both Account Holders:

send a text to one or both Account Holders in Enrollsy

Classes Page (Instructor & Admin Views)

For both Admin Users and Instructors, on the Classes Page, click on the Enrollee(s) to text, then click on the SMS button and choose one of the following:

  • Message only the Primary Account Holder

  • Message both the Primary Account Holder and the Secondary Account Holder

Text either Account Holder on the Classes page in Enrollsy

Activities Page (Instructor View)

In the Instructor Portal, on the Activities page, click on the SMS button beside an Enrollee to message the Primary or Secondary Account Holder.

message account holders in Instructor portal activities page

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