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About New Enrollment Email Confirmations
About New Enrollment Email Confirmations

Control who receives an email on Admin-created Enrollments

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Enrollsy allows Admin Users to check who gets email confirmations on Admin-created Enrollments. These emails confirm the Enrollment. If you need to know how to enroll someone as an Admin, look at this support article.

Email Confirmation Options

The options for email confirmations are on the last page of Enrollment before clicking the "Complete Enrollment" button.

  • Send confirmation of Enrollment to Customers' email

  • Send confirmation of new Enrollment to all Admin Users

  • Add any Required Documents (NOT including E-signature Documents) to the Enrollment (Admins can view these on the Documents Tab)

    email confirmation at enrollment in Enrollsy

Attached Documents

The information icon beside the "Add required documents to enrollment" indicates that the Documents attached to the Program being enrolled in will be added to the Enrollment UNLESS there is already a non-expired Document attached. This information icon also lists the names of the Documents to be added (see below).

option to add required documents to enrollment in Enrollsy

Email Confirmation Example

The Email Confirmation will say "Submission Confirmation" in the subject line (which, at the time, cannot be edited). The email confirmation will look similar to this one:

What comes after "Message from [Company Name]" is your Enrollment Welcome Message (if applicable). Click here to learn how to add or change this message.

Edit Admin Users who Receive New Enrollment Emails

You can also edit the Admin users who will receive the new enrollment emails by going to My Company and selecting the User tab then Admins. Click on the pencil icon beside an Admin user and scroll down to the bottom under "Email Notifications." Check the box to receive the email notification.

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