How to Purchase a Gift Card

Gift Cards can be purchased upon enrollment or in the Customer App

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There are two places Customers can purchase a Gift Card:

  • Gift Card Link - A special Gift Card link that the company you are enrolling in can place in an email, website, etc.

  • Customer Portal - Customers can also purchase Gift Cards from the Customer App. Login to the Customer App and then choose "Home" from the upper right menu. Scroll down to Benefits/Credits. Click on "Purchase."

Once you click on either the Gift Card link or "Purchase" in the Customer app, follow the steps below to purchase a Gift Card.

Gift Card Options

On the left of the Gift Card page, you will see an image of the Gift Card, along with the following:

  • Terms of Services link (outlines the terms and conditions associated with the Gift Card)

  • Email Preview button (this shows you a preview of the email that will be sent to the recipient notifying them of the Gift Card purchase)

On the right will be the Gift Card Options:

  • Amount (select pre-filled amounts or enter a custom amount)

  • "To name" and "From name" fields ("To" is the recipient's name and "From" is the purchaser's name)

  • Recipient's email address (this is required to purchase)

  • Optional message to the recipient (this message is included in the Gift Card email)

gift card page in new account in Enrollsy

Email Preview Button

You can click the "Email Preview" button (underneath the Gift Card image) to see the email that will be sent to the Gift Card recipient. NOTE: The default message at the bottom cannot be edited. However, the optional message is displayed at the top (see screenshot below).

gift card recipient email preview in Enrollsy

Purchase Button

After clicking the "Purchase" button, you will do the following:

  • Enter your email address. The system will direct you to sign in if you already have an account. If you DO NOT have an Account, one will be created associated with the email address used to purchase the Gift Card. NOTE: To log in to that created account, you must create a password using the reset / set up password button on the sign-in page.

  • Enter payment method (ACH/electronic check or credit/debit card is accepted)

  • Confirm and submit (you will get a pop-up message if the payment was successful)

    gift card confirmation in Enrollsy
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