How an Admin can create a Gift Card
Learn how Admin Users can create Gift Cards for their Customers
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Admin users can only create INTERNAL Gift Cards, meaning they are "purchased" on behalf of the Company and given to Customers. Admins will NOT be able to put in payment for a Gift Card on the Gift Cards page.

Admins can also re-create a Customer's Gift Card for failed or wrong email addresses. Check out this support article to learn how to invalidate and re-create a Customer Gift Card.

Follow these steps to create a Gift Card:

  1. Click on Submissions (on the left menu bar) > Gift Cards (if you have the Gift Cards feature unlocked).

  2. On the Unredeemed tab, click the plus sign. A new window that looks like the Purchase Gift Card page minus the payment section will open.

  3. In this new window will be the Gift Card Options:

    • Amount (select pre-filled amounts or enter a custom amount)

    • "Recipient Name" and "Sender Name"

    • Recipient's email address (this is required to purchase)

    • Optional message to the recipient (this message is included in the Gift Card email)

      create a gift card as an Admin in Enrollsy
  4. Click Submit, and your created Gift Card will be sent!

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