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Admin View vs. Customer Portal Account Differences
Admin View vs. Customer Portal Account Differences

How the Admin view differs from what Account Holders view on their Account and Billing page in the Customer Portal

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The Customer's view of their Account looks exactly like the one that Admins can view, with these exceptions:

Login Access

Primary Account Holders have a toggle located under the Secondary Account Holder, like the one below, that gives the Secondary Account Holder shared login access.

allow login access in Enrollsy

Internal Notes

Admins have Internal Notes on the Account page, Enrollee page, and Billing page. These are notes that only Admin Users can view.

internal notes in Enrollsy

Program Action Buttons

Admin Users can see multiple extra things on the Enrollee page that Customers can't see. These include the enrolled on a date; a deactivate Account toggle, a Go to the button where they quickly go to the Documents or Activities page, and an Action button where they can resend the email confirmation.

program action buttons in Enrollsy


The Customer's Transactions page is the same as the Transaction History on the Billing page for an Admin. Here are a few key differences:

  • Transaction History

    Besides having the option to post or edit transactions and create invoices, the Transaction History looks much the same for both Admins and Customers. There is one additional column on the Admin view called "Classification," which is usually just the Company name and is an internal setting.

transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Printing/Downloading Transactions

    Customers can download all transactions or print a statement or transaction summary. These are the only actions they can make on the Transaction page.

printing or downloading transactions in Enrollsy
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