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The Transaction History is your Customer's Account. It is where all the billing activity takes place, including all charges (tuition and other fees), discounts, credits, and payments.

How the Transaction History works

  • All Transactions are posted by date and time

  • The Transaction History works much like a bank account, where one transaction posted affects the Account's balance.

  • Tuition Charges are posted separately from Discounts (posted as "Misc Credits" unless specifically changed to another Discount Item)

  • Charges are in RED

  • Payments are in GREEN in parentheses

  • Discounts/Credits are in BLUE

This is the Transaction History on a computer:

transaction history in Enrollsy

Transaction History Columns

The Transaction History is divided into 10 different columns. The following is a description of each column:

  • Date Posted

    The first column (Posted) is the transaction's date and who posted it. As illustrated by the screenshot below, if the transaction were automatic, it would say "Enrollsy." The Admin is noted by first initial and last name (i.e., "S. Edwards"). The Customer's name is spelled out or abbreviated, depending on length. In the example, "Rhonda Clearly" is the Customer.

date posted in transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Classification

    The second column is usually the Company or Location name.

location name in transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Program

    The third column, Program, is the Program that the transaction was for (if noted).

program column  in transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Enrollee

    This column shows who the transaction was for (the Enrollee). If no Enrollee is specified, a line will appear where the Enrollee name would be.

    enrollee column  in transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Type

    The Type column is the type of Transaction (i.e., cash, charge, credit card, misc. credit, etc.). A Charge is any amount charged to the Account, such as Tuition, Registration, other fees, etc. A Misc Credit is any Discount/credit given, such as a Sibling Discount.

type of transaction  in transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Account

    The sixth column, Account, shows the last four digits of the credit card or ACH/check account (if applicable).

account column  in transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Items

    The Items column shows any Charge Items (i.e., a convenience fee, registration fee, etc.) or Discount Items. You can create these on the My Company page > Items tab.

    charge and discount items in Enrollsy

  • Details

    The Details column shows any notes about that transaction (i.e., Field Trip). These are notes under "Invoice Memo" (these are visible to the Account Holder) or Private Comments (only visible to other Admin users).

    edit transaction in Enrollsy
  • Amount

    The next column is the amount of the Transaction.

    • Credits or Discounts show up in BLUE

    • Charges are in RED

    • Payments are in GREEN

amounts on transaction history in Enrollsy
  • Balance

    The last column is the Balance of the Account.

    • Zero balances are BLACK

    • Negative balances (the Customer OWES money) are in RED.

    • If there is a Credit/Positive balance on the Account, it is in GREEN with parenthesis.

balance on transaction history in Enrollsy

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